Ragde Charge x EVBox

Future-proof fast charging in Norway

Discover how Ragde Charge and EVBox's charging solutions are enabling a future-proof charging experience for Ragde Charge's customers.

From property to power

Ragde Eiendom has been a leading residential and commercial property company since its establishment in 1995. Today, the family-owned organization consists of 370 companies that collectively add up to approximately 1,950 million square meters of commercial property and over 15,000 parking spaces. Ragde Charge has been an entity within Ragde Eiendom since 2021 and focuses on bringing sustainable mobility and charging solutions to Ragde properties.

Norway, as a country, has been leading electric vehicle (EV) adoption and has even defied the odds by becoming the first nation where sales of EVs surpassed internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. With so many EVs on the roads (and many more to come) and a landscape notoriously known for its mountainous and often isolated terrains, the need for fast charging infrastructure is apparent.

Entering a new market

Due to Ragde’s geographically spread out property portfolio, installing fast EV charging infrastructure is a logical next step. However, the charging market is completely new and rapidly-changing. If anything, Ragde Eiendom wants to offer the great level of service that their company is known for, while also meeting the continuously evolving needs of EV drivers, such as having access to high charging speeds and easy payment options.

Finding an experienced partner

To give the customers the best experience possible, Ragde Charge looked for an experienced partner to help them set up a customer-friendly, on brand, and future-proof solution.

They decided to work with EVBox, a global supplier of flexible and scalable EV charging solutions, who has installed over 400,000 charging stations in over 70 countries worldwide. Because EVBox creates both hardware and software, the charging solutions provider can offer a complete, “one-stop-shop” solution for Ragde that can be customized based on their needs. As Christoffer Pihl, Manager at Ragde Charge explained:

“As a real estate company, it is important for us to actively facilitate the change towards a greener future, and make attractive locations for our customers and tenants. When choosing a vendor for our charging initiative, it was key that the vendor must have a robust product and share the same enthusiasm and passion for sustainability—EVBox checked all boxes.”


locations across Norway


DC fast charging stations


charging ports between 90-240 kW

Charging stations in the snow in Norway with mountains in the background

Full control with EVBox Everon

EVBox Everon is EVBox’s own charging management software. The easy-to-use software offers a variety of features, such as setting custom charging fees per location. EVBox Everon gives Ragde Charge full control over the charging network and lets them get unique insights into customer behavior — such as kWh usage, generated revenue, average charging times, and rush hour identification per location — which can be easily exported into periodic reports. The customizability of EVBox Everon makes it possible to name each charger individually, making it easier to manage and maintain the equipment, and keep track of insights.

Easy payment

One of the main user frustrations of public charging is the complexity of being able to pay for the charging sessions. To tackle this, Ragde and EVBox have added two payment options: a terminal allowing for contactless card payments; and also enabling a third-party roaming payment solution, so that every EV driver can pay at the charging station with the option of their choice.

Branded and recognizable

By branding the exterior of the EVBox Troniq Modular based on Ragde’s recognizable identity, Ragde shows fast-charging is part of their offering and the great user-experience is linked to Ragde’s brand.

Thanks to the modular design of the EVBox Troniq Modular, Ragde Charge can create a unique look to the charging station. To fully recognize the charging station, adding Ragde Charge’s logo to the charging station does not only make it recognizable to the EV drivers, but they can also recognize the great service that Ragde offers.

Fast EV charging stations throughout Norway

By working together with EVBox and their partner Caverion, Ragde Charge has enabled electric mobility to develop further in key areas in Norway. Currently, Caverion has already installed 16 EVBox Troniq Modular stations in Oslo, Hemsedal, and Trysil, and has agreed to work together with EVBox and Caverion to install another 50+ EVBox Troniq Modular stations by mid 2023 at their properties in Norway. With this commitment, Ragde Charge is entering the EV charging market in full force. As Geir Bjørnstad, Nordics Regional Director at EVBox explained:

"The demand for electric vehicles means that our future relies on the extensive implementation of EV charging infrastructure. It is amazing that property developers are looking into sustainable solutions and are increasingly interested in offering tenants, clients and visitors charging opportunities. We are proud to be chosen by Ragde Eiendom to do the job, installing EVBox Troniq Modular charging stations at a number of properties in Norway."

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