Versatile home charging for private and lease EVs

Tried and tested home charging

Easy to use and safe for your home, our best-selling home charging station is an extremely versatile option for private and company cars alike.

Proven performance

Our original home charging station is one of the most sold charging stations worldwide. We’ve continuously improved its design so you know you can rely on EVBox Elvi to keep your car and home safe.

  • 100,000+ EVBox Elvis sold worldwide
  • New and enhanced 4th generation design
  • Quality proven by accredited safety institute DEKRA

Designed to keep charging simple

Plug in to charge, and unplug to drive. EVBox Elvi makes home charging as easy as possible. Control charging sessions via your phone and schedule charging during off-peak hours to save on electricity costs.

  • Remote control with the EVBox Everon app
  • Compatible with most electric vehicles
  • Save by charging during off-peak hours

A truly versatile solution

With flexible configurations, an optional MID-certified meter, and the freedom to choose any charging management software, EVBox Elvi is a truly versatile solution for both private and company cars.

  • MID-certified meter for employee reimbursement
  • Compatible with third-party software
  • Upgradable up to 22 kW with interchangeable cables

Thanks to its optional MID-certified meter, EVBox Elvi makes it easy to reimburse charging costs via a connected software backend of your choice.

Unlock the full potential of your charging station

Easy, intelligent, and insightful. EVBox Everon lets you track, manage, and optimize electric vehicle charging from the palm of your hand.

  • Manage your account, card, and stations remotely
  • Control station access via RFID charge card or app
  • Automatic employer reimbursement for charging your company EV at home

Six more reasons to choose EVBox Elvi

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Tried and tested

With a new and improved design used across thousands of homes, you can rely on EVBox Elvi for a fully charged EV and a safe charging environment.


Remote assistance

Thanks to EVBox Elvi’s software, our dedicated support team can assist you remotely without having to dispatch a field technician.


Quick installation

With just three components: the wall dock, station, and cable, and the EVBox Connect app for quick set up, EVBox Elvi is easy to work with for installers.


Flexible configurations

With a fixed cable or socket, and a cable holder to prevent wear and tear, EVBox Elvi comes in a range of options to make charging work for you.


Smart charging-compatible

EVBox Elvi is compatible with dynamic load balancing solutions that safely balance energy usage between your charger and other home appliances.


Set charging profiles

Schedule charging during off-peak hours via EVBox Everon charging management software to save on electricity costs.

Choose between flexible configurations

EVBox Elvi comes with an optional MID-certified meter for employee reimbursement. It's available in three different power capacities: 7.4 kW, 11 kW, and 22 kW. You can also choose between a fixed cable or socket only.

Charging power

1 hour
charging time
1 hour
charging time
1 hour
charging time
40 km
driving range
60 km
driving range
120 km
driving range
  • 7.4
  • 11
  • 22

Electrical properties

Charging capacity

7.4 kW / 11kW / 22 kW

Maximum output power

Selectable 1-phase or 3-phase, 230–400V, 16 A and 32 A

Approx. charging times

Up to 120 km of range in one hour

Connector type

Type 2 (fixed cable)

Physical properties


7 kg (fixed cable) 3 kg (socket)


186 x 328 x 161 mm (fixed cable) 186 x 328 x 219 mm (socket)


Misty black (RAL 7021) or polar white (RAL 9003)

Cable reach

6 m (fixed cable)


Wall or pole-mounted, optional cable dock

Enclosure materials


Safety and certification


CE and UL-compliant versions

Operating temperature range

-25°C to +45°C

Enclosure ratings

IP55 / IK10


Optional MID-certified kWh meter


Communication standard

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or UMTS (3G) or 4G LTE


RFID / Autostart

Communication protocol

OCPP 1.5 S and 1.6 J

*Please note: We’re currently undergoing a rebranding process, so please be aware that the product you receive may still feature our old branding.

Compare EVBox Elvi with EVBox Livo.
EVBox Elvi

EVBox Elvi

Versatile home charging for private and lease EVs


186 x 328 x 161 mm


7 kg


Black, white


MID-certified for reimbursement

Cable storage

Cable holder sold separately

Smart charging features

Set charging schedules

EVBox Livo

EVBox Livo

Home charging that's fit for the future


250 x 366 x 176 mm


5.8 kg




Class A accuracy ±2 % According to EN 50470-3

Cable storage

Fixed cable holder included

Smart charging features

Dynamic load balancing

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